February meeting

Many thanks to those who attended the February meeting, especially considering the awful weather yesterday! The next meeting will be on Sunday 23rd March.

We had a great discussion on a range of issues including the effects of hormone treatment, access to gender identity clinics for young trans people and family relationships. We also watched two videos.

This video reflects the diversity of trans allies:

This video tells a little about the journey of one person to accept and understand the trans identities of people close to her:

There are a couple of exciting events coming up that Me & T will be involved in. Watch this space for more information.


January Meeting

Following the festive period we had quite a bit to say about our extended families, how they deal with a person’s transition and how we deal with them! We also talked about how to support a trans person we care about when it comes to safety and confidence in public spaces.

We reminded ourselves of the group constitution and the safe space policy of the LGBT centre. If you are thinking of attending the group it might help you to know that our constitution states that your attendance at the group remains confidential to the group, along with any personal details you discuss while there.

We talked briefly about the spousal veto and the upcoming final vote on equal marriage.  The Equality Network are holding a rally at 1pm on Tuesday 4th February outside the Scottish Parliament before the final vote.  This is the last chance to show MSPs how important equal marriage is.  If you are free please join me in showing your support.

Next Me & T meeting will be Sunday 23rd February.