July Me & T weekend

Hi all,

hope you had a nice weekend.  On Saturday Me & T had a stall at the LGBT Health summer fete and community groups fair.  Thanks to all the volunteers and staff who put so much hard work into making the day happen.  
Both stall
Thanks also to everyone who visited the fete, especially those who stopped to talk to Elizabeth and me at our stall.  
On the Sunday we had our Pride themed meeting.
Platter flag
Please note that there is no Me & T meeting next month (August) because of the festival. However you can join Me & T at a Fringe festival play by Jo Clifford called “The Gospel According to Jesus, Queen of Heaven.” Tickets are £12 or £10 concession. Email us if you plan on coming so we can arrange to meet up!
The next Me & T meeting will be Sunday 28th September 2-4pm at the LGBT Centre in Howe Street.
As ever, we are open to suggestions about what you want from Me & T. Is there an activity you would like to take part in? A topic you would like to discuss? Let us know at our email address or Facebook page. 

Manchester Support Group

If you are too far away to attend our meeting in Edinburgh, you might be interested in meeting our friends at the Manchester group:
Manchester Soffa’s (Significant Others Friends Family and Allies)

The group is open for anyone to attend who are friends, family,
significant others, partners or children* of transgender people who
feel they need or are able to give support over a variety of issues
surrounding their loved ones transition/gender dysphoria and what it
means to them.  The group aims to be a safe space for SOFFA’S to be
able to chat about their feelings, fears, needs and worries, to build
connections and community and offer support to each other.

Caroline and Rebecca will be on hand to facilitate the first few
meetings and see what members would like to cover and get from the
group in the future.

The groups is free to attend and there will be free refreshments (tea,
coffee and possibly cake!)

Any questions please email me.and.t.manchester@gmail.com

Meetings Information – Date/Time/Location

2nd September 2014: 1930-2100: Lesbian and Gay foundation: The Meeting
Room (2nd floor)

7th October 2014: 1930-2100: Lesbian and Gay foundation:  The Meeting
Room (2nd floor)

4th November 2014: 1930-2100: Lesbian and Gay foundation: The Meeting
Room (2nd floor)

Look forward to seeing you there!
Elliott Brooker on behalf of;
Caroline and Rebecca,
MORF Soffa’s.
*(children are welcome to attend if 16+ unless with appropriate adult/carer)

26th and 27th July Me & T activities

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all enjoying summer and the Pride season!

Me & T have an exciting weekend coming up. On Saturday 26th July we will have a stall at the community groups fair in LGBT Health’s summer fete. Whether you have been to a meeting before or not please come visit Elizabeth and I for information about the group or a wee chat. There will also be other community groups to find out about and some fun activities.

On Sunday 27th of July we have the monthly meeting of the Me & T support group. This is a supportive space for friends, family and partners of trans and non binary people. This month’s meeting will have a Pride theme and is advertised in the Pride Guide for Glasgow’s pride festival. Come along with your thoughts, experiences and ideas about what Pride means for you and the trans or non binary folk in your life. Tea, coffee and snacks provided. We will meet in the LGBT Centre on Howe Street from 2-4pm.