September update

Hi everyone,

hope you have all had a good summer.  After our on-off appearances over the summer months, you’ll be glad to know we are now back to our more regular meetings and Elizabeth has kindly updated the calendar with all our plans.  I look forward to seeing you all at a meeting soon.
This Sunday, 28th September from 2-4pm we will be having our meeting at LGBT Health, 9 Howe Street.  Non-binary Scotland are going to come and do a workshop with us.  Perhaps you have someone in your life who identifies as non-binary and you want to understand better.  Or perhaps you have never heard of non-binary identities.  Either way please join us on Sunday to find out more.
In other exciting news, if you are a Diva reader you may have seen my letter in the letter pages.  Following their article about a woman and her trans man partner, I wrote in to tell them about my personal situation and asked them to print details of Me & T for anyone out there who is looking for support.

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